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Sanjeev Mansotra On Health At The Core of Success

In recent years, a lot of emphasis has been placed on the “hustle” culture. Young people across the planet have romanticized and idealized being busy and the idea that the more you do, the more valuable you are and the more successful you will become. Not only is this not true, it is also damaging to a person’s health and wellness. Mr. Sanjeev Mansotra believes that keeping the fine balance between work-life and self-care if the key to success.


Leave No Learner Behind: Sanjeev Mansotra on the Challenges and Opportunities for Education after COVID19.

The COVID19 pandemic has brought forward how important equitable education and training is. As schools around the world transitioned to remote learning in the wake of lockdowns and closures, the challenges to connectivity and access to learning in Africa became strongly noticeable. Fewer technical skills, access to computers and the internet prevent African students from effectively continuing their education and acquiring the necessary skills to find a job in today’s labor market.

Health & Wellness


As a child we are taught that, to do well was not good enough, we must also be good. Similarly to talk about love is not good enough, we must also love. Love as an act, as a hypocritical, unfelt duty is not love at all. Love as a thought, or as a spoken word from a mountain-top, or etched on a stone, or formed as a rule in the family, or ordained as a collective notion in a group, is not love. But, ultimately there is love. Love is what we find at the end of a dark and hopeless tunnel and knows it to be the very point from where we began. Love is as true and as needed as bread, cloth and roof above our heads, and I assure you that more people die because of lack of love rather than because of lack of bread. Love is but a magical touch of God.

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Through emotions besides other positive things, the nervous system regains its capacity for self-regulation. Our positive emotions begin to lift us up rather than bring us down. They propel us into the exhilarating ability to soar and fly, giving us a more complete view of our place in nature. Our perceptions broaden to encompass receptivity and acceptance of what is, without judgment. We are able to learn from our life experiences. We often obtain a surer sense of self while becoming more resilient and spontaneous. This new self-assuredness allows us to relax, enjoy, and live life more fully. We become more in tune with the passionate and ecstatic dimensions of life.

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We need to understand that conditioning is a powerful bridge between the mind and the body, for the body cannot tell the difference between events that are actual threats to survival and events that are present in thought alone. Thus, consider feeding your mind, information that will empower your body’s experience, not weaken it. This doesn’t mean operating in fantasy land; what it does mean is you can choose to inoculate your body with good thoughts, good words and good deeds along with feelings that support it in health, and maximize your healing potential. We don’t need to just live but to be alive, to be graceful, benevolent, philanthropic, creative and coping with life affirmative whilst resisting stress, conflicts, malfunction of organs, disease, ailments and chronic conditions. Negativity invariably leads to entropy (functional energy being lost to friction). So we need to choose evolution over entropy; to stop resisting and start living. We need to be optimistic to laugh through the trials of life.

Health & Wellness


For the last several weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic has not just been the top news story: it has been the story itself. Indeed, even though there are other relatively important issues that are taking place in the world — such as the oil supply war between Russia and Saudi Arabia, climate change, and the list goes on — the news cycle is today and for the foreseeable future is synonymous with the Coronavirus cycle.