Sanjeev Mansotra on Why Startup Incubators Provide so Much Value to a New Entrepreneur

Starting up a new business isn’t getting any easier. As any entrepreneur that is just starting out will tell you, when it comes to your new business you will need every advantage you can get your hands on, and an incubator can be a powerful advantage indeed. To an up- and-coming business, the incubator is like a mentor, there to assist in the process of getting things going and helping the business achieve its full potential down the road. The bottom line is, you don’t have to put yourself under the pressure of being entirely self-sufficient as an entrepreneur when you’re first starting out; as Sanjeev Mansotra will point out, incubators can be a helping hand that provides enrichment for your new business. Here are some of the biggest ways that an incubator can help your startup.

Cut Costs, Focus On The Bigger Picture

The first thing an incubator can do for your business is help keep costs down, optimizing how capital is used and taking some of the pressure off when every penny counts. By using the resources contributed by an incubator instead of paying for it all by yourself, you will save money in the long run; not only that, but you can focus more intently on the bigger picture when it comes to running your business. Sanjeev Mansotra highlights that incubators can aid with more of the day-to-day upkeep tasks and free up that time for you to look at what direction your business is taking and, more importantly, where you need it to be in the future.

Experience And Oversight

Experience is an invaluable resource in the business world, as sometimes knowledge and extensive planning aren’t enough on their own. Sanjeev Mansotra explains that an incubator has the insight of experience and will gladly share it with you, overseeing operations and making suggestions on what things are going well, compared with what routines and ideas need to be adjusted in order to be successful. This oversight is a second set of eyes and ears watching over the company and keeping it in good health.

Workspace And Supplies

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook where the work gets done when there’s so much of it to do. An incubator can also give you access to an often much-needed workspace that you can configure in order to best suit everyone’s needs. In addition, office supplies and even equipment rentals are another set of provisions that an incubator can give you, leaving you with one less thing to worry about; maintaining a well-supplied workspace is one of the most important parts of any successful business.

Networking And Synergy

When it comes to taking every advantage you can get, a significant advantage can be who you know, who you’re connected with. Sanjeev Mansotra notes that incubators can connect you with their own business networks, which range from established businesses with their own advisories to fellow startup entrepreneurs with whom you can exchange ideas and assist each other. This synergy can pave the way for fruitful partnerships down the road, and in the present, it can most certainly help you with creating an identity for your company within the business community.

Help The Economy, Have A Higher Success Rate

Finally, an incubator isn’t necessarily a benefit for your business alone; The increased activity associated with an incubator can help stimulate the local economy by providing jobs within your company to students and other individuals in need of work. This can help stimulate a positive reputation for your business within the local community outside of the business community. Lastly, and arguably most importantly, the mere act of choosing to use an incubator gives your business a better chance at success. When you utilize all the resources available to you that an incubator provides, from physical supplies to invaluable experience, you can give yourself a leg-up during the critical startup phase of your company,

In closing, an incubator can provide a much-needed jumpstart to any business. This mentorship will assist your startup in a variety of ways, allowing you to push forward and build your company up into the successful model that every entrepreneur strives to achieve. Sanjeev Mansotra hopes that if you’re just starting up your own business, you consider the immense value that an incubator can give, as it has the potential to propel you much farther than you would have gotten on your own. 


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