Health & Wellness


Besides being pulled through life desperately kicking and screaming, one may pass through it peacefully as well. This is the way of the wise; the way of being larger than your circumstances. This is the way of healing yourself through the power of your mind, emotions and spirit, through self-belief, optimism, emotions and love.

Health & Wellness


Please note, that who you are in reality never changes, not with or without belief, not with or without outside pressures and certainly not with time and space. It is omnipotent and all pervading.

Health & Wellness


To create something, you need to come fresh, and to come fresh you need to drop your past beliefs and meaning you have given them. You need to become aware of your thoughts, words and deeds. For where your awareness goes, there your consciousness goes, and where your consciousness goes, your energy goes, and where your energy goes your truth manifests.

Health & Wellness


In our make-belief perceived world most of the time, just one word of truth can make the difference between living and existing. All that is born exist till the day it dies, but, few live their life, a moment at a time, a second at a time, a minute at a time and so on. Most knowingly or unknowingly live below the line of life, few dare to rise above it. Health is the crux of rising above this line. Health helps one live above the line, and living above the line endows one with free will, power of intent and harmony.


Entrepreneur and Executive Sanjeev Mansotra Looks at How Education in the Developing World Must Change due to Coronavirus

At the current time, due to the Coronavirus pandemic UNESCO reports that 82 percent of the world’s students are locked out of the classroom — and that percentage is likely to rise in the weeks and months ahead. While this may be welcome news for some children, it is nothing short of catastrophic for learners in the developing world for whom access to education is not just about improving quality of life; it can literally be a matter of life and death for them and their families.