Sanjeev Mansotra on Why Innovation Matters so Much For Businesses

As we all know, the very nature of business is to be in a constant state of flux. Change is inevitable, and any successful business is always implementing changes at every level, from working methods to customer relations; this adaptation is what keeps the business afloat. The driving force behind positive, impactful change is innovation: The ability to see things as they are with a tight focus and develop new ideas that will challenge this status quo with the intention of improvement. Innovation might be messy, difficult, and sometimes even unpredictable, but it is an essential part of any business, at any stage. Sanjeev Mansotra has the details on why this is the case and how it can have a positive impact on your business. 


Sanjeev Mansotra on The Importance Of Solar Energy

At this point in history, the entire world as we know it is firmly established in terms of energy consumption and distribution. Worldwide, there are hundreds of millions of people who are dependent on energy every day for business, living, and everything in-between. The gears were set in motion long ago for companies and infrastructures based around providing energy for everyone; traditional methods such as fossil fuels are so deeply embedded in society that it is easy to see them as a necessary evil. 


Sanjeev Mansotra & Why Developing Countries Require Renewable Energy

Africa’s modern-day transformation process, from its economic growth to expanding diversification, is an encouraging development, but investments in renewable energy will need to be considered to sustain the continent’s evolving status. Solar energy is now a cheaper alternative to fossil fuel, and it is a form of fuel that can be harnessed anywhere in the world, which makes it the logical preference ahead of resources that are scarcely available and can only be uncovered with the right equipment. Africa is blessed with renewable energy resources, including wind, sun and hydro. With the help of policy makers to create frameworks that promote hefty investments and expedite market development through structured policies, not to mention the approval of the regional masses, renewable energy can assist Africa in keeping up with its own progress. Sanjeev Mansotra, a prospering entrepreneur and businessman, reveals why renewable energy is essential for Africa’s present and future.


Sanjeev Mansotra Outlines 3 Ways Renewable Energy in Africa Can Salvage Our Planet

The Lake Turkana Wind Power Project is one of the largest onshore wind farms in Africa. Located in Loiyangalani District, in Marsabit County, Kenya, the wind farm will have a total installed capacity of 310 megawatts when finished, able to power up to a million homes. The farm is anticipated to reduce carbon emissions significantly, as wind energy does not produce carbon emission (except when calculated over a wind power life cycle). As far as salvaging our planet goes, says Sanjeev Mansotra, the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project can serve as a great poster child of how Africa can play a part in championing world-saving renewable energy.